Monday, 31 October 2011

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Helena Rubinstein wing of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art had a lovely garden outside (a bit like Musée Branly in Paris) that softens the straight architectural lines. I was able to see quite a few temporary exhibitions of Israeli contemporary artists. Though it was a small space, the works were well curated and lit - with helpful staff. In fact, one of the artists-in-residence was giving a guided tour when I was there.
But the main museum 10 minutes away couldn't be more different. It's a large space (actually a new wing was opening the following day after my visit) housing some impressionist / post-impressionist works by the usual French artists. There was also a big collection of contemporary works by more established artists. Alas there were no floor plans or highlight guide - so one had to walk through the entire museum to discover items of interest: great if one has the time, not so helpful if one only had an hour or so. Still it was worth the visit.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

La Traviata at the Royal Opera

No, I cannot remember how many times I have seen La Traviata. I thought Marina Polplayvskaya sounded good as Violetta. Leo Nucci perfect for Giorgio Germont. The last scene was not half bed.