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It's always interesting seeing an opera for the first time. Having seen
loads of Verdi, I don't know why I have not seen Macbeth any earlier. Last night at the Royal Opera was my first time.

The production was quite effective. Given the darkness of the story, the stage set was effective while the choreography helped portray the trance-like passages. I thought the spinning gilded cage, which I presume represented the poisoned throne, was quite a powerful device.

The singing and conducting was both good - rhythmic in the right places and had enough fluidity to support the more lyrical arias. Good singing from the chorus - from witches to masses at the coronation scene.

FishWorks on Marylebone High Street, London

Went to FishWorks on Marylebone High Street.

It was fun having to talk through the fishmonger before getting into the restaurant. It's such a powerful visual impact - reminding you that "you are about to eat fish!"

The modern deco in the restaurant was comfortable enough and the use of blue continues the fish theme. The fish dishes? I'd ordered the Tarama as a light started - probably a touch too much mayo and not enough smoked fish roe. That's my personal preference I guess. The Mediterranean fish soup tasted fresh and fairly authentic. Deserts were a let down - nothing exciting to write home about.