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An intense experience at Sushi Shikon

Sushi Shikon is NOT your everyday sushi restaurant. For a start, you don't have a choice of what to eat. Instead, you are offered the most seasonal, the freshest, and highest quality seafood from Tokyo Fish Market.

We sat at the sushi counter which was made of a single piece of maple facing the sushi chef (there is a 50% chance that you will be served by the executive chef). Each course was prepared in front of us with utmost care and attention: the lack of music and noise meant one can maintain focus on the most important thing - the food. The stewed octopus was supple yet full of flavours. The O-toro was stupendous. And the anago (grilled eel) was prepare from fresh eel filets. Everything was exquisitely fresh and tasty.

It's over in two hours. But it's an experience that one doesn't forget easily. That's worth it.