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Maze, London

Maze is another restaurant under the Gordon Ramsay umbrella. It's location guarantees it a swanky (or even swaggering) clientele. While I ended up having the four-course tasting lunch menu which was not bad (the Orkney Ironbark pumpkin velouté with aged Parmesan and ceps was particularly nice on a cold wintry day), I was tempted by the "tapas" menu - endless dishes of small bites no doubt professionally prepared.

What was enjoyable? The staff were very helpful given my table was booked for 14:30 (last order) and I was not particularly hurried. The velouté was very nice. So was the peanut butter ice cream sandwich.
What was not enjoyable? The lighting could have been better - too harsh in places, and too 'orangey' in other. The bread plate was OK but the butter knife was too small.