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Il barbiere di Siviglia at the Royal Opera

Well, it was the same production with set designed by Christian Fenouillat. Levente Molnár's Figaro was ok. Bruno Praticò made a convincing Doctore Bartolo. The real star in this revival had to be Aleksandra Kurzak as Rosina. Her stage presence and vocal colours easily overshadowed everyone else on stage.

Buddha Jumps Over The Wall (佛跳墻) at Tim's Kitchen

There are many interpretations of "Buddha Jumps Over The Wall" - but here is a rare opportunity to sample this sumptuous dish at Tim's Kitchen last night.

It arrives in a beautiful white-and-blue porcelain bowl.

Here is the first "eat" - a demi-cuit pigeon egg with rehydrated abalone in a supreme chicken broth.

Fish maw appears in the second "eat". I have to confess I forgot about what fish maw tasted like and it was a very strange sensation to be re-acquainted with it. De-boned goose-web, pig's knuckle tendon and sea cucumber forms the third "eat". And the soup ingredients were presented on a plate - black chicken with lean Jin Hua(金華) ham.
This is undoubtedly a sumptuous and luxurious dish - using highly priced ingredients. And I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to experience it again. One could not help but wonder whether a top notch chef such as Tim could concoct the same dish with ingredients that have less environ…