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A delightful Hänsel und Gretel at Glyndebourne

Fairytale + Opera = Lots of fun. The cardboard box house, the scary forest littered with rubbish and the fabulous sweet-house stacked with colour boxes of treats. The set designer Barbara de Limburg Stirum did an amazing job at bringing the story to live on stage. The witch-cum-flying-broom sequence was particularly funny!

Jennifer Holloway was a boyish Hänsel and Gretel was sung by Adriana Kucherová. The acting was superb - at a distance they were believable young and delinquent! The LPO under Kazushi Ono delivered a robust late German Romantic sound while never drowning the soloists on stage. I was not familiar with Englebert Humperdinck’s music, the warmth
and lush orchestration really grabbed my attention: strangely I could
hear a lot of Hoenegger too. All in all a delightful evening in the countryside.