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Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

One has to admire Singapore's ability to refresh and renew the city. Gardens by the Bay was a fantastic example of this. Great architecture, unusual flora (by local standards) and a fun way to spend the better part of a day looking at plants, climbing structures and get educated.

Long Beach, Singapore

It was too dark to see whether Long Beach (the restaurant) was next to a long beach (Changi East Coast). But that's not important. I was there to eat their famous pepper crab.

But before the pepper crab, we'd ordered some other local delicacies. One was deep fried bean curd and squid covered in sesame seeds. All was washed down with a nice pint of Tiger beer. 

Then there were these lovely deep fried white baits. Super crunch. Great when washed down with another pint of Tiger beer.
And voila! White Pepper Crab (the crab was of Sri Lankan origin)! Lightly fried and coated with a white pepper sauce. The crab was very fresh (no shrunken meat behind the shells), spicy to the right degree and great with Tiger beer.