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La Cenerentola on a big stage at Covent Garden

Having seen La Cenerentola at Glyndebourne this year, I was naturally intrigued to see how Covent Garden does it on a big stage. Christian Fenouillat, the set designer, gave a nod to Jonathan Miller by presenting a neutral (read bland) stage with hints of a dilapidated castle / grand princely household. The space was cavernous though a few strategically placed walls helped bounce the sound off to the auditorium.

A septet of strong singers helped the drama and music along - Toby Spence gave an almost convincing account of the prince Don Ramiro. Angelina (La Cenerentola) was sung by Magdalena Kozena who had a strong voice. The best performance came from Alex Esposito as Alidoro with strong acting skills and a well tuned basso profundo voice. I did feel the conductor Evelino Pido probably took the tempi a notch too fast - where on several occassions the coloratura singing fell behind the beat.