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Blue Ribbon, Boston

After Hill Country in New York, I just needed to check out similar places in Boston. Well, Blue Ribbon was nearby so I thought it's worth a try. Clearly, BBQ meat eateries are not places you linger ...

The place was somewhat functional. The number plates (including a UK one) were an interesting. Chairs were hard. Metal top tables were utilitarian. But let's focus on the meat.
A big slab. The ribs were meaty, had a good bite and taste. The magic appeared to be how flavouring were rubbed into the meat and how everything was slow cooked. The BBQ sauce had a wholesome feel - in fact there were big tubs with a push dispenser: one could mix spicy with sweet to one's taste. The cornbread was ok. But this time there was no brisket. Still, it tasted finger linking good.

44 & X, New York

That's 44th Street on Tenth Avenue in Hell's Kitchen. 44 & X was the perfect remedy on a rainy Sunday before a Broadway show. The tables were on the cosy side. Everyone was churpy (too churpy? must be New York!) The menu was americana. My baby muffins in the bread basket were delectable. The "Maryland crab cake, poached eggs, tomato and hollandaise" was superb.
I could not resist trying their signature macaroni and cheese ... OMG I do not remember when I last had it but it tasted so good I wanted to eat the whole plate!
You know where to go for a decent brunch.

Manon at the Metropolitan Opera

Yes I have seen this at the Royal Opera. As Manon is seldom staged, I grasp the opportunity to see it at the Metropolitan Opera. At the helm was Fabio Luigi who brought this lush score to live. Anna Netrebko, as Manon, was fabulous - from the innocent little girl to the temptress par excellence - though the seduction scene in St Sulpice was, ahem, a bit over done - I didn't remember seeing Manon in the Royal Opera production acting like a nymphomaniac!

Hill Country, New York

I have read about how serious a BBQ can be on this side of The Pond. So I thought I'd better check out some of the restaurants that offer the BBQ experience. Hill Country was tucked away off the main avenues. It's kind of no non-sense - you get a ticket, go over to the meat counter to pick up the meat (ordered by weight) wrapped in paper, then sides, then sit down and eat off the tray.

And oh my god, the brisket was fabulous - good bite, meaty, juicy, smokey and melt-in-your-mouth! So so very good (and high in fat). The ribs were excellent too. The sides were wholesome which matched the meat dishes.
I can't imagine eating this everyday (unless I want to cut short my life), but the meat was definitely memorable!